VOXI Mega SIMO Deal – 15GB for £15 – No Contract

VOXI Mega SIMO Deal – 15GB for £15 – No Contract

If you are looking for an award wining hassle free mobile phone company that gives you loads for a low low price then you only need to go to one place – VOXI.

15GB for £15 per month – cancel anytime

  • You get Endless Social Media with unlimited app use of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger and Pinterest. Use of these apps does not come off your data limit.
  • You also get Endless Media so you can stream films and tv shows to your hearts content without the data usage coming off you limit.
  • VOXI is 5G ready so you can be reassured that you new SIMO will work on the new 5G network.
  • Endless flexibility means that you can cancel anytime you need.
  • Endless Calls, Txts and even Picture messages which is absolutely great if you love a good natter with mates.
  • Use your mobile abroad with FREE roaming in 47 European countries without incurring extra costs.

It’s hassle free to move your current number to VOXI. Simply txt PAC to 65075 and you will receive your PAC code. Enter the code into the VOXI site and your number will be transferred in a matter of days. It really is as simply as that.

If you want more with less hassle and cost, then VOXI is the way to go.


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