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What’s Hot Right Now: 1920s Style

The 1920s saw a revolution in interior style, and the ripples from this explosion of elegance can still be felt today. Our pick for the style trend of the season is a sleek yet warm 1920s Art Deco style, with notes of Parisian decadence and industrial functionality.

The 1920s was a time of great upheaval in the design world, with school after school creating bold new looks and uncompromising visions of the way we should live. The Bauhaus style shocked the world with its austere, stripped back look, while Art Deco sought to contain all human experience within its flowing lines.

If you want to enjoy the tension, grace and elegance of 1920s style, think streamlined shapes, simple lines and single pieces of furniture rather than suites. Eclectic combinations are the key here. Of course, even before you furnish, to get that 1920s look you’ll need to give your room some attention. A parquet floor is a wonderful way to mimic the opulence of the roaring twenties, but if you like, you can also lean towards art deco with a designer black and white linoleum floor.

Walls should be kept plain, although they can be varnished for a sultry, glossy look. Accessories like picture rails and period light fittings can also help to set the scene. While patterned walls are a strict no-no, striking colours are encouraged – silvers, golds, blacks, think rich, decadent and glitzy. Use furniture to tone down the glamour if it all gets a bit too much.

Unlike some versions of 20s style, we don’t want to hide from the industrial underpinnings of the decade, which is why we’ve picked as our ultimate accent piece the Juke Hessian Wheat Sack Armchair, which combines sleek Art Deco lines with a nod to the booming industry of this bustling decade. With its vintage wheat sack upholstery, this chair brings together a disparate set of influences to create something unmistakably 20s in design, but with a contemporary twist.

For extra inspiration, why not visit the BBC’s 1920s interior guide, which has photos, tips and fascinating historical insights which will help you to create that vintage interior you’ve always wanted.

Just remember that 1920s style is all about change, about drama and about modernity. Let the excitement of this fascinating decade inspire rather than constrain you, and don’t be afraid to add modern twists on old classics. We love 1920s style, and we know you will too.

Historic price updated 4, May, 2021