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Training at Fight Street Chalong, Phuket Thailand – Updated Dec 23

Training at Fight Street Chalong, Phuket Thailand – Updated Dec 23

If you are after a fitness break where you can train, eat, sleep repeat then Fight Street in Chalong is a great option. Updated Dec 23

Many people from different backgrounds and countries come to Soi Ta-ied (Street) in Chalong, Phuket to train for a few days, couple of weeks of even a number of months, depending on how fit / healthy you want to be.

From Phuket International Airport, you can barter with the taxi drivers and get to Fight Street for 700THB. That should be the max that you pay, try not to be taken in to pay more

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Once here there are a plethora of training establishments. Here is a list of just a few.

All of the above have classes and individual tuition for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, Strength and Conditioning, Cross fit, Cross Training, Circuits, MMA and many more. Each establishment caters for ALL ABILITIES AND FITNESS LEVELS. Don’t be intimidated at all, it is a very friendly street for all people, whether you are a professional fighter or looking to get fit, build muscle or loose weight.

There are many places on the street to eat and a wide variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. As the street caters primarily for the fitness community most of the accommodation has pools, balconies/outdoor space and drying racks for sports gear.

There are not many bars on the street as most people are in bed ready for training the next morning. The main bars are

Massi Sports Bar

Reggae Bar

Butterfly Bar – No internet site

You can hire petrol and electric motorbikes around the area. There are local taxis on the street as well but you need to again barter.  To go to Chalong pier they will quote 300 to 400 THB but you can get there for 200-250 THB if you haggle hard.

If you are travelling from the UK then I would highly recommend visiting

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Defense Soap UK are the UK distributor of natural skin protection for close contact sports such as BJJ and Muay Thai. They have soaps, shower gels, wipes and oils. There have been a number of instances of Staph infection from unclean mats, so if you want to protect yourself and help defend against an unwanted skin infection that can ruin your training holiday then visit Defense Soap UK.

If you are in the USA then I would highly recommend getting supplies from the UK’s parent company, there is also a list of global distributors on their homepage.

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There is no trouble in the street as everyone is training, not really drinking and in bed by about 11pm as people are very tired after training possibly 3 times in one day. This is not Patong ot Kata.

There are also a lot of Thai massage establishments where a plethora of different styled massages can be received from traditional Thai, oil, shoulder, feet etc… You can also book tours to anywhere in Thailand from virtually any establishment on the street, so if you want a break from training in Koh Phi Phi or Koh Tao or a full moon party then you can book from here.

Titan gym - open on sunday
Titan gym – open on saturday and sundays as well as weekdays

On Sunday all of the training establishments close apart from the two gyms.  Primal and Titan Gym. Unfortunately due to the popularity of the street over the last few years prices of some hotels and hostels have increased, however good deals on food and accom are still available with a bit or haggling. There are some good deals to have at some smaller accommodation units such as Phuket Dragon Muay Thai, they even have a pool and a sociable crowd.

I hope this short guide has been of use, please feel free to share with your friends.

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