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Tips For Traveling From Chetumal to San Pedro

A brief guide of my experiences of travelling from Chetumal to San Pedro By Boat.

A few days ago I travelled from Playa Del Carmen to Chetumal in Mexico and onward to San Pedro in Belize by boat and wanted to give you my pointers on what to expect.

  1. From Playa Del Carmen in Mexico getting to Chetumal is really very easy. Just jump on the ADO bus which takes about 3-4 hours to get down to Chetumal on the border with Belize.
  2. Once at Chetumal central bus station (which is on the outskirts of town) take a taxi to the ferry port (cost about 70 pessos).
  3. From there you then go on to book your ferry ticket. There are two companies that run ferries to San Pedro and other places in Belize.
    1. www.sanpedrowatertaxi.com
    2. www.belizewatertaxi.com
  1. Both these companies run water taxis on every day of the year but on ALTERNATE DAYS. One company will run Mon, Wed, Fri and the other Tue, Thu, Sat…
  2. You can sort of book online for both. With sanpedrowatertaxi, you can book online and the wait for a confirmation email which give you instructions on how to pay. When I tried this I never received a confirmation but was able to book on the day at Chetumal Ferry Terminal.
  3. With belizewatertaxi you need to book 72 hours in advance or 24 hours in advance in person in San Pedro however at Chetumal Ferry Terminal you can book on the day.
  4. When you leave Chetumal you will need to pay a 390 pesso exit fee to the Mexican Immigration person. A bit weird and people try to argue it but it wont work, just pay and have a hassle free trip.
  5. On a choppy day the boat trip will take 2 hours to San Pedro and then a bit more to the other destinations you are going to. When you get off at San Pedro you will be asked to line up in booking order (not first come first serve)
  1. When you pass through immigration in San Pedro  you will need to pay a $2.50 USD fee to enter Belize.
  2. There is a 1 hour difference with Mexico. Belize is 1 hour behind.
  3. When it comes to money in San Pedro (and probably the rest of Belize) I would suggest BRING ENOUGH WITH YOU TO LAST AND SOME. There are a number of banks on the island however many will NOT accept UK, EUROPE or other foreign bank cards and credit cards.  Bank of Belize, Hermitage Bank and even Atlantic bank will not accept my UK high street bank cards.  I had to go to the Scotiabank by the San Pedro Airport to use my card.
  1. If you have real trouble then there is a Moneygram that is open during the week and at least 1 Western Union open every day possibly except Sundays. (The Western Union with the proper sign not pained one).
  2. When  you leave Belize you will be confronted by the same problems as coming, which company is operating on which day. Buy your ticket before hand I would to save any worry. Both companies have offices on the Island and open every day of the week.
  3. Upon exiting Belize you will need to pay 40 Belize Dollars and another fee of $25 to enter Mexico.
  4. At the Chetumal Ferry Terminal they have shuttle buses (taxis) that will take you as far as Cancun (for 588pessos)  I did it and it was really quick, 4 hours and a bit compared to waiting for the ADO bus at 1230/1300. You will share a taxi with someone else who may be going to Tumal or Playa Del Carmen.
  5. San Pedro has been lovely and chilled after I sorted out the ferries and money situation, hopefully you can have a relaxing time to.
  6. If you have found this useful please share with you friends or other that need to know. If you have any question regarding this please feel free to email me at info@absolutehome.co.uk.

If you have some concerns from reading other sites about whether Belize is safe to visit then please take a short look at this informative article from alltherooms which should hopefully put your mind at rest.


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