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Tips for Making Your Kid’s Bedroom Fun and Functional

Tips for Making Your Kid’s Bedroom Fun and Functional

A new year often inspires us to tackle the clutter in our homes and make more room for the things that matter. One of the most challenging areas to declutter is the kid’s room, where toys, books and school supplies can easily pile up.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mess, don’t worry – Cuckooland has some great tips and products to help you sort out your child’s room in no time. You’ll find some effective decluttering methods and kid’s storage solutions that will make the process easier and more enjoyable. So, if you want to start the year with a tidy and organised kid’s room, here are some ways to get rid of the excess and create more space for fun activities.

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Involve the kids in organising

A fun way to make your kid’s room neat is to involve them in the process. You can make it more exciting by playing a game while you sort things out, or by giving them prizes for finishing different tasks.

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Decluttering techniques for the kid’s bedroom

With limited time available to most parents, it can be helpful to have a plan to follow for your decluttering. Here are some of the most popular techniques you can use to make organising the kid’s room easier:

5-minute tidying sessions

This technique is perfect for busy parents! Set a timer and get the kids involved, seeing who can pack away the most toys before the alarm goes off.

12-12-12 decluttering challenge

Simply find 12 things to throw out, 12 things to donate and 12 to put away. You can repeat the challenge as often as you like.

The 6-month rule

This is often considered a ‘kinder’ decluttering method, as you only need to get rid of anything you haven’t used for 6 months. In the kid’s room, you can apply this to any toys they haven’t played with in the past half year or clothes that are now too small.

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Maximise Storage

If you want to make the most of a small room for your kid, don’t forget the hidden spots. You can find clever ways to use every bit of space in their room.

Underbed storage

For smaller bedrooms, choose a mid or high-sleeper bed that offers built-in storage underneath or room for you to add your own, such as a chest of drawers or toy boxes.

Wall shelving

No more floor space in your child’s room? Then it’s time to climb the walls! Wall-mounted shelving is another clever way to create storage space in even the smallest of box rooms.

Shelves with hooks provide another place to hang coats and bulkier outerwear items, clearing space in your kid’s wardrobe for other clothes.

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Toy organisation

Cuckooland recommend investing in child-level bookcases, baskets, and boxes with labels. This means you can designate a home for everything, and your little one can easily put their toys back in the right place by themselves (we can hope!)

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