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The Joys Of Cancun in September

Just some small experience of Cancun in September.

Getting to Cancun.

Cancun is one of Mexico’s largest cities and is perched on its eastern, onto the Atlantic ocean.  I was quite fortunate in that I booked my airline ticket a month in advance and managed to get a series of connecting flights from Naples in to Cancun for about £350. The flights were on Ibea Airways and were very pleasant; and went from Naples to Madrid, Mexico City to Cancun in a space of about 20 hours. Even though you are transiting through Mexico City airport you will need to collect your bags for a customs check and then re-deposit your bags after customs on the dedicated transfer flights carousel (no additional checking in required).

If you are fortunate enough to have a lounge access pass, then the Mexico Airport’s Lounge 19. for about £15 (depending on your membership) you get to relax in big comfy leather reclining chairs, along with a very friendly and efficient waiter service.  The lounge waiters come to you and ask what drinks and food you would like and bring you what you want.   The lounge also has WiFi and showers.

Transfer from Cancun Airport to the City.

Upon arriving at Cancun airport transportation into Cancun City is extremely easy. Simply go to one of the two ADO desks that are in the baggage reclaim area and get your bus ticket to Cancun City Central Bus Station in Downtown. This is a much cheaper alternative than getting a taxi.  From the front of the bus station (do not cross over road) you will find buses labeled R1.  They come every few minutes and will take you to the Hotel Zone where there are a lot of bus stops, and drop you near your hotel.  The R1 goes all the way to bottom of the Hotel Zone and then does a U turn and comes back up to return to the central bus station.  The cost of a one way ticket on the RI is 15 Peso.


Whilst in Cancun I stayed at the Mezcal Hostel.  A very social and well run hostel which accommodates people of all ages in a mixture of dorm rooms and double rooms. The hostel has a good friendly social atmosphere and you can book trips and tours from the front desk as well.  You also get breakfast and dinner included in your stay. There are obviously a lot of other choices to stay.

Getting to the Beach.

There are a number of different beaches in Cancun, however the one that I like was at the top of the Hotel Zone opposite Senior Frogs and the Hard Rock Cafe big guitar. Simply take the R1 bus for about 20 minutes and you will reach one of the stops. The R1 costs 15peso for a one way ticket.  Stroll down the street that leads to the beach and there it is.  Crystal blue water, pure white clean sand and lots of sun lounges for you to relax on.


Hot Hot Hot.  Although it is off season in September (which is great) the temperature and particularly the humidity picks up very quickly from about 0800 in the morning until evening. It will probably rain at about 1430 and last for an hour or so and then possibly rain again in the evening. I have not seen it rain in the morning yet, just clear blue skies and backing sun.


You will notice that in September it is quieter in Cancun, the beaches are not packed at all and the prices of hotels and hostels are a lot cheaper. You also have the added benefit of not being around when the American Spring Break holidays start. A lot of the prices in Cancun are displayed in USD and Pesos as post currencies are accepted and freely available. I have found the Mexican people to be very friendly and always greet you with a simile, learn a few words in Spanish and you will go far.


Historic price updated 4, May, 2021