Perfectly Cut Cake With The Cake Divider

Perfectly Cut Cake With The Cake Divider

Holiday celebrations or parties with no cake can be perceived as a bit boring, ensure everyone gets a slice, with the Cake Divider.

Cake is practically part of any celebration, from birthday parties, graduation parties, holiday celebrations and a number of uncountable anniversaries. However, the fact that many guests attend parties has made some people miss a bite of the available cakes. This may be a result of attendance by more than the expected number of guests or giving guests the privilege to slice the cake into the sizes they desire.

Save for missing a taste of the cake, minor issues like crumbling of cakes when being cut have also been experienced. The fact that guests have sips of alcoholic drinks that may impair their judgments during the celebrations is a clear indication that they should not be given the chance to cut the pieces of cakes themselves.

Cake Divider
Cake Divider

Though it is not fully automated, The Cake Divider is a perfect solution to challenges made in division of cakes into a desirable number of pieces.

Using the handy Cake Divider, one can never misappropriate or mis-slice cake. The operation of the device is very simple. One simply needs to insert the device into the center of the cake, rotate the knob of the device, and select the number of slices that are required from the cake.

The cake divider can apportion a cake into 6, 8, 10, or 14 equal pieces. This saves the time consumed in manually cutting cakes into averagely equal pieces for all the guests in a party.

Moreover, the fact that a quick rinse or a dishwasher can be used in cleaning the device makes is easy to ensure that guests are not exposed into any forms of health risks.

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