Is there a difference between Hotel search engines?

Is there a difference between Hotel search engines?

When it comes to hotel searches for work or holiday there are so many different engines out there designed to give you the best price.

After an abundance of searching I have come to find that Agoda and TripAdvisor are probably two of the best at showing you the best deals around for a hotel, hostel or guesthouse stay.

Here are a few examples of the difference between hotel search engines when I did a Search for the Nora Lakeview in Chaweng, Koh Samui for 2 nights.

For two nights from 15-17 Dec 17 the total price on comes up as: £35.12, which includes taxes.

When searching on  The same hotel comes up as £40.00 for the two nights.

When searching the other popular site the price comes back as £41.o0 for two nights in the same room.

If you use a hotel search aggregate site such at TripAdvisor, then they do all the searching for you and more often than not, they will come up with the cheapest option.

It should be noted that this is just one of missions of hotels across all the sites. Depending on when you search, where and what dates you are looking for each of the different search engines will come back with they own particular results.

The beauty of is that on many stays (not all) you can accumulate stays and once you reach 10 stays you get a night free. does not offer you free nights, but you do collect Points Max which lets you collect point on Agoda or convert them across loyalty programs such as airlines. does not currently have a reward scheme but they do also search for Trains, Flights, Rental Cars, Taxis and Restaurants. So take if from someone that has traveled quite a bit. If you have time do your research and shop around for you hotel. Remember that each site will give you different results depending on current Offers, Seasonal Trends, Popularity and Availability at the hotel of your choice.

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