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Healthy Food – Delivered

Why bother with going out to the busy supermarket, when you can order great quality food straight to your front door. Muscle Food has a great range of meats, pre-portioned meals, snacks and freezer friendly options for you to enjoy for a whole week.

A weeks worth of fresh food in one delivery direct to you door. Muscle food has everything you need for every meal and snacking need.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner & 3 tasty snacks every day delivered weekly to your door without any fuss. You get to choose what you want in each of your deliveries. Enjoy freshly prepared meals with healthy snacks.

Stock you freezer with fresh cuts and portioned meat pieces. Also enjoy the amazing peri peri hamper for only £40. 00.

Muscle Food have a host of Freezer Filler products from sausages, lean cuts of meat, burgers, mince, rice and even the ever favourite Piri Piri Hamper.

Amazing deals for muscle food. Delivered straight to your door.

Muscle Food have some amazing hamper deals that are simply amazing. A huge delivery of meats and extras that will help you to create the perfect meal every time. Their customer favourite hamper allows you to enjoy a whopping 51 meals for £52.

The every popular huge hamper. Enough to create 51 meals for £52. (correct as at 23 mar 20). From muscle food. Plus the piri-piri chicken thighs
The every popular huge hamper. Enough to create 51 meals for £52. (correct as at 23 Mar 20).

Historic price updated 28, April, 2021