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Get the Most Out of Your Living Space

For those of us living in smaller flats and apartments, it can be tough to balance the demands of design, function and convenience. With this in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide to getting the most out of a smaller space, whether you want to create a super-stylish pad or you’re looking for the ultimate in multifunction, space-saving simplicity.

The key to maximising your space, especially if you have multifunctional rooms, is to ‘zone’ your space, and to create distinct areas, each with their own definite identity, yet still flowing into each other. Divide bedrooms into sleeping, storage and getting-ready areas, and lounges into relaxation/practical zones.

It may seem counterintuitive to divide up an already small space, but you’ll discover that by dedicating every available area to a distinct part of your lifestyle, your living areas will feel bigger, and your life will flow more easily. Combine dining with workspace by investing in an extendable table, and create storage in ‘dead zones’ to make sure that you’re not sacrificing usable space.

Motti bunting grey sofa bed
Motti bunting grey sofa bed

One of the best ways to make a little space go a long way is to look for multi-purpose items. The original and best spacesaver is the sofa bed. The Motti Sofa bed in bunting grey is our top pick for the best double duty sofa and bed for small spaces. With its slim profile and elegant silhouette, it’s perfect for creating a compact lounging space, while the comfy mattress and easy-fold bedframe ensure that even if you live in a doll’s house, you’ll have room for guests.

A sofa bed is also a great way to make studio apartment living a little less cramped: replace your bed with the Motti sofa bed and you’ll be able to have a relaxing loungespace in the daytime, which can quickly be transformed into a tranquil sleeping space.

Conventional design wisdom dictates white walls for small spaces, but if you don’t want to settle for the washed out minimalist look, we say go against convention and employ bold colour. Create a striking feature wall, or decide on a thematic linking colour for your furniture – red, electric blue and olive green all make wonderful defining statements, as long as you balance the colour with more sober choices elsewhere.

So if you’re looking for ways to save space without sacrificing style, focus on multifunctional, boldly designed pieces which support your lifestyle. Sofa beds, innovative storage ideas and multipurpose tables will help you get your space back and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

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