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Explore True Affordable Luxury, With A Shaggy Rug

Now be honest, could you place your feet on a shaggy rug without scrunching the pile between your toes?

Shaggy rugs were traditionally associated with the swinging 60’s with all the retro design culture and explosion in anything Technicolor. Shag pile carpets and rugs then grew out of favour particularly as retro faded away and things became more conservative in the 1970s. With a resurgence in anything retro within the last year shaggy rugs and carpets have made a comeback with a vengeance.  Here are some of our picks of the best Shaggy Rugs around.

Aubergine Retro Shaggy Rug Helsinki

Bring that definite retro feel back, with an aubergine shaggy rug with swirls. This particular rug would go well with light wood or stone flooring accompanied by contemporary to modern furniture. 

Aubergine swirl rug


Beige Brown Soft Shaggy Rug Puffy

If your interior décor demands something that looks and feels a million dollar then a beige/brown shaggy rug that has a thick sumptuous pile is just the thing.

Black & Red Stripped Shaggy Rug

Suitable for a room with light, almost white finish. This particular rug will sit perfectly well in a room that has a white leather sofa, light wall colouring and dark curtains. The stripes will also hide a multitude of sins from biscuit crumbs to lost pennies.

Black and red striped shaggy rug

Black Round Shaggy Rug

Most living rooms and bedrooms are square or rectangular in nature along with the shape of your bed, sofa or dining table. Adding a shaggy rug that is of a completely different shape offers a alternative centrepice to a room.

Whereas a rectangular rug may suit its position by a rectangular sofa, a round rug would definitely fit well under a round glass table.

Vibrant Pink Shaggy Rug

There is also the vibrant shaggy rug. For those that wish to step away from the ordinary and ‘safe’ option to something a little bit more daring.

Pink shaggy rug
Baby Pink Shag Rug
Green Striped Shaggy Rug

Although bold, the almost lime green striped rug is a cool calming shaggy rug that will look equally great with light or dark wood flooring and accompany well with contemporary or modern furniture.

Green striped silky shaggy rug tunis

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Treat your feet this Summer with a new sumptuous shaggy rug.

Historic price updated 20, November, 2023