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Easy Guide To Essential Home Shelving Options

Easy Guide To Essential Home Shelving Options

When it comes to essential storage home shelving can be overlooked, but there are so many different options you will be spoilt for choice.

There are lots of different types of home shelving that will fit into different rooms in your home. There is our simple guide to different types of shelving that is out there for you.

Free Standing Shelving

One choice that is versatile, stylish and quite often adjustable is free standing shelving. As you would expect from the name this is shelving that can operate on its own. It does not require securing to a wall and can be moved around as needed. A free standing unit can also be used as a room divider to separate larger living spaces.

Fixed Shelving

Another option is to go for fixed shelving. This type of unit is fixed to a solid surface such as a wall. With fixed shelving you can have a multitude of different designs such as round, rhombus, and elevated. Single fixed shelves can be placed in areas such as corners, above other units such as a bed or home desk.

Ladder Shelving

You may also like this type of shelving unit that allows you to store a multitude of differently sizes items on the same unit and not look out of place. Place heavy books or pot plants on the lower shelves so that the centre of gravity is lower. On the upper shelves you can place pictures, ornaments, clocks and lighter items that are suited to the narrower shelves.


There are obviously the traditional shelving and bookcase units, but more and more households are buying multi-shelving units that can perform a number of functions. You will quite often find these in the hallway where you need to hang coats, hats, bags and place down shoes and other items you will need on your trips out.

Cube Shelving

This type of shelving allows you to store items in a box and then place that box in the shelving unit. The cube box allows you to store smaller objects such as kids toys, cushions and soft furnishings in a single box that then stores on a shelf.

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