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Discover Greenhouse – The Spring/Summer Collection 2018 from Amara

Discover Greenhouse – The Spring/Summer Collection 2018 from Amara

Regular customers will know how much we like Amara and we have good news – we’re now stocking their new in-house Spring/Summer collection for 2018 – Greenhouse.

You might already be familiar with their other collection, Arcade, with its vibrant tropical hues and daring patterns. Greenhouse is a completely different vibe, with a softer palette and rounder edges, with all pieces built to the same quality so we’re sure they’ll delight.

A fresh new look

So what’s Greenhouse all about? As you might expect from the name it’s light and warm, allowing you to create spaces where you can relax and grow.

The palette is a combination of soft neutrals with hints of subtle pastels; pinks, mauves and leafy greens. The patterns are influenced by botany and combine to encapsulate the essence of an English country garden.

Isla cream pendant light £60
Isla cream pendant light £60
Isla cream pendant light £60
Isla cream pendant light £60

In the bedroom

The look is perfect for a relaxing bedroom. You can introduce it by retaining existing furniture and using Greenhouse for bed linen and other fabrics, perhaps a few cushions in subtle mauve and khaki tones to pick out the colours in Greenhouse patterns. Add a few botanical prints on the walls and accentuate with other accessories – vases, towels or objets d’art – to complete the look.

Priory 300 thread count duvet cover - king £75
Priory 300 thread count duvet cover – king £75

Or, if the time is right, go the whole hog and replace your bed and other bedroom furniture in styles that will co-exist happily with Greenhouse – we’d suggest light woods and graceful, slender wrought-iron bedsteads or perhaps a divan and lots of pillows and cushions.

Greenhouse’s elegance works downstairs too

Greenhouse isn’t just for the bedroom, of course. Use it in the living room, with fabrics and pots and vases galore to enhance plants and flowers. It works superbly in conservatories, as you’d expect.

There are two complete dining sets and many other ceramic and glassware pieces in the Greenhouse range too. Pick those that complement your existing dining table and chairs or splash out on new dining furniture as well.

Killerton cushion - 45x45cm - blue £30
Killerton cushion – 45x45cm – blue £30

Relax into Greenhouse

Individual pieces in the Greenhouse collection will complement many other styles – why not take a look through the range to see if you can introduce the air of Greenhouse by just adding fabrics or other objects to your existing décor?

Whether you just dip your toe in or completely immerse yourself, you’ll find Greenhouse inspiring and calming.

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