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Best Electric Carving Knives 2022 – Top Rated By Customers

Best Electric Carving Knives 2022 – Top Rated By Customers

You might be surprised to know that there are not that many different varieties of electric carving knives on the market. However when you buy one to carve your joint or big bird you want one that will perform.

The Russell Hobbs Knife is very popular and currently has a rating of 4 out of 5. A great option for slicing meats and fresh crispy bread.

Dunelm Electric Carving Knife 120W – Grey


The Dunelm Electric Carving Knife is powered with a 120 watt motor that will make carving and cutting bread and meat super easy.

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The Dunelm Carving Knife is currently on sale and has an even higher rating than the Russell Hobbs. Customers rate this carving knife at 4.6 out of 5. Customers comment on the power of the knife along with sturdy feel.

The VonShef Electric Carving Knife is more expensive but comes with interchangeable blades and currently has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. It also has a 120watt motor where as the other brands have 120 watts.

KENWOOD KN650 Electronic Carving Knife


Make things easier for yourself in the kitchen with the multi-purpose 100W Kenwood KN650 Electronic Knife.

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A carving knife with a rating of 3.6 out of 5. It has a 100w motor and a freezer blade for slicing even frozen food.

An electric carving knife with two interchangeable blades for meats and frozen products.

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