7 Bright Ideas to Revive and Refresh Your Home

7 Bright Ideas to Revive and Refresh Your Home

Ready to turn your home into a healthier space you and your family can enjoy year-round, but not sure where to start? Then read on as we explore seven bright ideas to freshen up your interior:

Free Up Some Space

In the age of streaming and digital entertainment, you can reclaim a lot of space by selling or donating your used books, CDs, and DVDs. Find a used bookstore or a used record store in your area and make a few dollars while you clear out some shelves and cabinets. You can also donate these items to your local library for other people to enjoy.

Rethink Your Decor

Once you get rid of clutter, you may find yourself with pieces of furniture that take up space but don’t really serve a purpose any longer and home decor that doesn’t suit your style anymore. Find a consignment store in your area to resell your still-in-great shape pieces, or donate them to a charitable organization so that people in need can benefit from your decluttering efforts.

Go Digital

Digitize your important documents so that you can safely store away the originals or properly dispose of them. Make sure you have backup copies on a separate drive! Once you’ve scanned your documents, use a tool that combines PDF files into one (click for more info). Merging separate documents into one will make it easier to find the information you’re looking for: simply use the “search” feature and type in a keyword that will take you to a specific section or paragraph. You’ll also be able to move pages around and reorganize your records.

Optimize Your Storage

Think about adding shelves in your garage or in your closets for extra storage options. Put seasonal items in bins or airtight containers and store them away, putting the lighter boxes in the overhead space and the heavier ones closer to the floor to prevent accidents. If lack of space is a concern, you can rent a storage unit to safe-keep oversized or seldom-used items you don’t want to part with, such as family heirlooms, furniture, and recreational gear.

Bring In More Light

Natural sunlight is a great mood lifter, so don’t wait for spring to clean your windows inside and out and bring more light into your interior. Switch your heavy drapes and window coverings that trap grime and attract dust mites for blinds that can be easily cleaned off with a duster and sponge. Call on a professional service to clean the outside of upstairs windows; they have all the equipment necessary to stay safe while they squeegee away.

Refresh Your Walls

Color therapy can help you relax or give you more energy. So find out what hues have the most positive effect on you, and repaint your walls in colors that will restore balance to your life: opt for a soothing shade in the bedroom that will induce a good night’s sleep, such as lilac, green, or blue, and pick an invigorating color in your home office to help you stay productive all day, like yellow or teal.

Get Rid of Pollutants

Pet dander, moisture, and even kitchen appliances can contribute to air pollution inside your home. So make sure your house is well ventilated by cleaning or replacing the filters in your HVAC system regularly. If the weather allows, open your windows to let in some fresh air and let out harmful fumes and chemicals. And add a few houseplants to your interior; they won’t just beautify the space, but they’ll also help purify it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to revive and refresh your home! Put cleaning, decluttering, digitizing your documents, and reconfiguring your space on your schedule – or hire people to do it for you. You and your family will reap the benefits of a better organized, fresher interior.

Updated 18, November, 2023