Your Best Guide To Stunning Sun Loungers

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This week we are looking at different types of sun loungers, whether that be make, style material used or functions they perform.  You will be well aware that there are a stunning array of different sun loungers out there and we wanted to have a closer look at a few that are trending at the moment.

There are different materials used to construct your sun lounger, in the main plastic is used for the lower end sun loungers, that are still very comfy, however are less dear in price.  You have have ones constructed of metal, in the main aluminium as it is rust proof.  You then move onto wooden sun loungers that are made from oak or teak.  And finally sun loungers with a metal frame covered in rattan or Textilene.  The benefit of wooden sun loungers is that they can be crafted into shapes that are more body forming, and along with metal are quite often used as the frame and fabric as the main body.

Aluminium Tudor Sun Lounger
Casino Chaise Lounger

A few great features that you will find in metal sun loungers are:-

  • Curved ornate legs
  • A wheel for easy transport (also featured on wooden sun loungers)
  • Curved ergonomic arms
  • Ornate, backrests
  • Quite often, a middle set of legs that adds strength and rigidity
  • Ability to rock back and forth (a sun lounger with rockability)
Rocking Sun Lounger
Rocking Sun Lounger
Wooden Sun Loungers

With wooden sun loungers, in these examples teak, you will find that there tends to be more curves, no need for a central support and they generally concave in the middle to help mould around a resting person.  Quite often the wood is used to form the basic frame and Textilene or other waterproof fabric is used on the main body.

S Line Teak Sun Lounger
Bristol Teak Sun Lounger With Sliding Table

The Bristol Teak Sun Lounger features a wheel for easy transport but also a very clever sliding table where you can place your drink, magazine and mobile phone.

Stratford Sun Lounger With Adjustable Leg Rest

The clever Stratford has everything you could want.  Adjustable back rest, wheels, arm rest and adjustable leg rest.

Covered Sun Loungers
Willow Sun Lounger
Willow Sun Lounger
Willow Sun Lounger

And finally, as a couple it is always nice to spend time together relaxing and this is where double sun loungers come in.

Silvertex Double Sun Lounger
Silvertex Double Sun Lounger

As with virtually all sun loungers, whether they are made of plastic, wood or metal framed, you do need adequate cushioning that wont get too hot, breathes and is waterproof. I hope that you have found this guide to everything sun loungers helpful and informative.

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