Cook & Entertain The Kadai Way This Summer

Cook & Entertain The Kadai Way This Summer

A kadai or karahi is a thick circular cooking pot that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is used in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Nepalese cooking.

The beautiful thing about cooking outdoors with a kadai is that you are not limited to the regular burgers and sausages, but can conjure up a beautiful array of curries, goulashes, barbequed vegetablesstewed meats and even a warm punch. The kadai is not used to cook one or two sausages, but a large dish of food that will feed any number of guests.

This is our quick guide to the essentials needed for a perfect kadai entertaining experience that people will be talking about long after the event.

If you have no kadai related cooking equipment in your home then you can start off with the complete Kadai Fire Bowl® Complete Cooking Set.

Kadai Fire Bowl® Complete Cooking Set, currently only £210.50

The Recycled Kadai Fire Bowls® are a real show stopper for any garden gathering or campsite. They are great for entertaining and can be used as a barbeque to feed guests and then as the sun sets, your own warming fire pit.

Kadai Fire Bowl® Complete Cooking Set On The Beach

The Kadai Fire Bowl® Complete Cooking Set. comes with everything you need to get started. 

  • Kadai Firebowl® in your chosen diameter
  • Stand for the Kadai Firebowl®
  • Round Grills for BBQ cooking
  • Tripod with chains and hook
  • Cleaning wire brush
  • Iron tongs
Along with your choice of:
  • Kadai Cooking bowl which includes a stand to place it on and 3 chains for hanging

We have managed to pick out some stunning essentials that will really help to bring your kadai to life. The Kadai all in one Blower Poker is adefinate must. This is a really useful piece of equipment that can also be used with a regular BBQ. The integrated pump function (much like a bike pump) shoot air down the hollow tube to where it is needed in the kadai. The curved hooks on the end made it a lot easier to move your coals or wood around.

Kadai Blower and Poker in One

If you are looking to cook smaller items that do not require as much heat as a thick steak or a stew pot, the Kadai Swinging Grill is the perfect accessory. It hangs just far enough away that food doesn’t burn, but close enough to ensure an even beautiful cook.

Kadai Swinging Grill With Small Grating Hanging Over Firebowl
Kadai Swinging Grill With Small Grating

A set of 3 Kadai Gill Trays gives you the option to cook vegetables and smaller items of food on the grill without them falling through the grating.

Set of 3 Kadai Grill Trays
Set of 3 Kadai Grill Trays With Cooked Food Displayed


Kadai Grill Tray On Kadai Firebowl

You may wish to cook smaller accompanying dishes that have sauce. To make things easier I would suggest using one of the 3 Round Skillets With Carry Handle to help you along. Simply place your skillet with food on your kadai and away you go.

Set of 3 Stacked Skillets And Handle
Set of 3 Skillets On a Kadai With Handle

To give you a helping hand with all the hot implements and utensils, a stylish yet sturdy Kadai Protective Leather Glove maybe of use.

Kadai Protective Leather Glove
Kadai Protective Leather Glove Underside

I hope that you have enjoyed this article on what I think is a stunning way to entertain this summer. If you are bored of your traditional coal, or gas fired BBQ, try something new this summer; Cook & Entertain The Kadai Way. For a full list of kadai related products along with helpful information and videos, please feel free to visit our partners at Cast In Style. I guarantee you will not be disapointed.