Useful Guide To Different Types of Sofa Beds

Useful Guide To Different Types of Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is a great investment and if correctly chosen will allow you to generate extra seating, sleeping and entertaining capacity in your home at very short notice.

Sofa Beds are a functional and flexible piece of household furniture that come in a number of different designs to suit your requirements and accommodating space.  Some sofa beds are designed for occasional use whilst others for prolonged periods. 

Types of Sofa Beds

2-Fold – A sofa bed that has the mattress beneath the cushions, and usually only has one fold, meaning that the mattress depth can be as deep as 10cm, for added comfort.  You may need to store the cushions on some versions, or on some versions they can be used as a headboard – Perfect For Regular Use.

 2 Seater Shadow Grey Sofa Bed

Trundle – This is a sofa bed, that slides out on wheels or caster from the base of your sofa.  This is a perfect solution when space is at a premium and you don’t have the space to store sofa cushions, or 160cm of vacant space that can accommodate a 2-fold sofa bed. Perfect For Occasional Use.



Click-Clac – This is a sofa bed that has a simple hinged mechanisms, usually on the back of the sofa bed that you lift, click-clac and then carefully put down. Perfect For Occasional Use.

click clac sofa bedclick clac sofa bedclick clac sofa bed


Fold Away – A very simple sofa bed that folds out and away when not in use.  Quite often these types of sofa beds will not have any armrests.  Although they are called sofa beds the majority of fold away options are one seat chairs. Perfect For Occasional Use.

fold out sofa bedfold out sofa bed, sofa bed chair

Futon Sofa Bed – A sofa bed that has a traditional Japanese style mattress on a wooden slatted frame base.  With an easy hinged mechanism the base will come out and the futon mattress lye on top.  Perfect For Occasional Use.

futon sofa bedfuton sofa bed

Storage Sofa Bed – Usually a corner sofa unit that has a 2-fold mechanism for the retractable sofa bed along with under seat storage on the right angled sofa. Perfect For Regular Use.

storage sofa bedstorage sofa bedAlong with the different styles and mechanisms sofa beds come in a fabrics to suit your own personal tastes and home décor preferences in particular whether you prefer a fabric or leather finish.

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