Unique Christmas Trees, For The Ultimate Look

Unique Christmas Trees, For The Ultimate Look

As we approach Christmas it all starts again.

In order to get into the spirit of Christmas, trees are an obvious place to start. Here are a few of the best Christmas Trees  on the net that will make your neighbours green with envy; and your home exude Christmas spirit. Hohoho

Pre Lit PE Windsor Fir Green Christmas Tree, LEDs

Pre Lit PE Windsor Fir Green Christmas Tree, LEDsThe Windsor is a beautiful artificial Christmas Tree that has LED lights built into the structure with bulbs that are replaceable if needed. The Windsor is available in 6 or 7 foots and stands on a green 4 point base for added stability.

Frost Branches Hanging Tree, Large

Frost Branches Hanging Tree, LargeThe Frost Branches Hanging Christmas Tree is a perfect alternative if you are a bit short on floor space. The tree is made from 10 all natural birch branches hung between strong jute string. Each branch has a gentle dusting of sparkling snow and can easily accommodate lights, baubles, Christmas figurines and more. The whole tree can be easily hung on any wall whether that be in your living room or hallway.

Pearl & LED Christmas Tree

Pearl & LED Christmas TreeAt 70cm high this elegantly swirling Christmas Tree will make a great Christmas decoration in you living room or bedroom. The tree is made from coiled wire and pearls and has LEDs that can be easily switched on and off.

Birch Indoor Light Up Trees

Birch Indoor Light Up Christmas TreeAvailable in 4 different sizes, these imitation birch trees are a great alternative to the traditional fern. They have in built LEDs and can be adorned with a few decorations of your choosing. The birch tree will look great whether you choose to place one of these in your hallway, porch, kitchen or  top landing. These were extremely popular in 2015 and there is no reason why wont be as p-popular this year.

Winslow Pine Hinged Tree
Winslow Pine Hinged Tree

A classic conical Christmas Tree with a hinged construction, making it simple and easy to set up. The metal stand is included which means no filling around with tubs of earth and stones that could get on your precious carpet.

2.1m White Artificial Christmas Tree with Metal Stand

2-1m-snow-white-christmas-tree-with-metal-stand-p007778If green is not quite your colour then why not look at having a show white Christmas Tree that will fit extremely well into a minimal or modern home and can be adorned with any decorations of your choice.  A choice placing or tinsel, lights and hanging shiny baubles will look great.

Segula Tree Skirt

Segula Tree SkirtCover your metal Christmas Tree stand with a festive cotton velvet tree stand cover. This will also go over an earth pot or any other vessel your Christmas Tree is standing in.

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