The ultimate Christmas gifts for him

Men can be absolutely impossible to buy for, and you don’t want to be the person who gifts them smellies and socks for yet another year. Luckily for you, help has arrived! Here are some of the best gifts out there from I Want One Of Those for the guys in your life:

1. Wood iBed Lap Desk – £12.99

What man doesn’t love a delicious breakfast in bed, especially one that isn’t balanced precariously in his lap. Leave his duvet bean-free with this lap desk from iBed. It even features a slot which perfectly fits a tablet, so he can work while he eats.

2. IMusic Pillow – £13.99

IMusic Pillow - £13.99 IMusic Pillow - £13.99

Do you know that guy who doesn’t ever stop listening to music? The one who’s got his headphones in when you’re shouting his name from across the street, leaving you looking a right tool? Well, now he can take this habit to bed with him with the Imusic Pillow, which will let him listen to music as he drifts off to sleep.

3. World’s Largest Push Lamp – £7.99

So, he’s about to go to bed. He’s turned the lights off and he’s just about to fall asleep when he realises he needs to visit the bathroom. He thinks he might as well stumble through the room to try and find the light switch, but he catches his knee on the side of his bedside table (the one he’s been meaning to replace for months), and ends up rolling around the floor in pain, cursing himself for failing to buy the world’s largest push lamp when he had the chance. Don’t let him miss out on this great little life (or knee) saver.

4. Felt Bedside Caddy – £16.99

Sick of stepping through a maze of random objects when you enter the house of the disorganised man in your life? Worry not, this bedside caddy will have his room looking tidy in no time.

5. Umbra Axis Multi Photo Display – £25

It might resemble a retro 70s’ radio, but this gorgeous piece of wood is actually a photo frame. You know he’ll love having his favourite memories on display on his desk whether at home or at work.

For more stunning gift ideas for him, visit our full Christmas Gift section here.

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