Surprising Benefits Of A Champagne Trug

Champagne Bucket with Leather Handles

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The trend of taking cold wines and champagnes began as early as 1970s. Many believe that the desire to serve cold drinks in places with high temperature necessitated the invention of the wine and champagne trug.

Henry Jernegan created the original champagne trug in London between 1734 and 1735. Jernegan was a goldsmith-banker in London and his desire to create the world largest wine cooler drove him into the creation of the piece that is currently stored in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Henley 4 Bottle Cooler
Henley 4 Bottle Cooler Henley 4 Bottle Cooler

Elkington & Co made the first electrotype of the piece in 1984 during the Victorian Age. Various champagne trugs have emerged in the market since then and have proved highly significant in cooling the drinks. A number of the targeted customers have consistently shown the desire of purchasing trugs of good quality at favourable prices and many manufactures have made ventures using different models with modified qualities to attract the targeted customers.

In spite of the regulation of the temperature of champagne to ensure that the ideal drinking temperature of between 7 and 9 degrees Celsius is maintained, the champagne trugs also ensure the drink is less glassy and is not spilled when being opened. People organizing parties and holiday celebrations have to ensure maximum utility of their champagnes by having trugs for the perfection of champagne service. To possess a champagne trug that delivers the expected value, customers are advised to consider the size of the trugs, price, the issues related to temperature and the protection against UV rays.

Luxury Champagne Bath With Leather Handles
Luxury Champagne Bath With Leather Handles Luxury Champagne Bath With Leather Handles £125.00 from Cuckooland

A perfect trug must be sizeable enough to hold the champagne bottle, have the ability of keeping the temperature range between 7 and 9 degrees Celsius, have the ability to protect the drink from effects of UV rays, and most importantly have the ability to give a perfect value for the customer’s money.

Alongside these qualities, we offer champagne trugs of different styles and appearances to match different customer preferences.

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