Stylish Christmas Eve Boxes 2017

A Christmas Eve Box is a great option if you are upping sticks to friends or family for a few days.

If you are making plans to either stay home or visit friends and family this Christmas; instead of piling present for the family in the back of the car in bin bags or where they can get damaged and squashed, why not try out a personalised Christmas Eve  Box. These boxes and crates come in many different styles and can be personalised with a choice of colouring and decoration.

Another great feature of the Christmas Eve Crate is that they are reusable year after year let the kids add some personal extras such as stickers etc. If you want to keep all the wrapping paper in one place then get the children to open their presents and place the wrapping paper in the boxes for easy cleanup.

Here are some great Christmas Eve Boxes and Crates we have found on the popular homeware site Etsy UK

Handmade wooden Personalised Christmas Eve Box that comes in wither Plain, Red and Black.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box1

Personalised Christmas Eve Box

Handmade laser engraved wooden Christmas Eve Box with Red Ribbon

Handmade Laser Engraved Christmas Eve Box

Hand painted and Decorated wooden metal clasped box with metallic gold wording on the lid.
Big Christmas Eve Box, Rustic Style.

Big Rustic Christmas Eve Box

Big Rustic Christmas Eve Box


There are literally 100’s of different types of Christmas Eve Boxes that you can personalise and choose from. For more ideas click here.


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