Lyon Oak Monks Bench

Brought To You By: The Cotswold Company

Get Nostalgic with this Faux Vintage Piece!

A good ol’ bench is exactly what you need in order to spruce up the décor in your living room! It is styled in an authentic “monk bench” style with a smooth, spacious, and sturdy seat so you can be comfy while sitting.

Not only does it add charm and class to the surrounding areas, but you can also fill up previously unused areas in your home instead of leaving them empty.

The beauty of this piece is in its simple design – the oak wood is coated with protective wax that accentuates the natural amber hues and further enhances its aesthetic value. 

Excellent longevity and a chic addition make the best possible combination!

  • General dimensions - (H) 100 x (W) 110 x (D) 50.80cm.
  • Material – Hand aged knotty oak for highlighting unique tones on the surface.
  • Fully assembled.
Historic Price:
02 Apr 2020
£ 299.00