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Sheesham Clutter Buster Blonde

Brought To You By: House of Bath

Enjoy Great Living Room Organisation with the unique Sheesham Clutter Buster Blonde.

A place for everything and everything in its place - that’s the beauty of this all-consuming, beautifully designed Clutter Buster! Mess just disappears as in seconds you can clear everything away to leave any living area clean and tidy again.

Rarely will you find such a superb piece of handcrafted furniture at such a low, low price. Made from solid sheesham - a wood renowned for being both extremely durable and for its beautiful finish.

Whether you prefer the wonderful patterns of the natural grain or the deep lustre of the highly polished finish, both pieces are highly desirable and the choice is yours. With three upper drawers, a lower cupboard and two side pockets for magazines, newspapers, books and remote controls - in fact, all the mess created by daily living is just swept away out of sight! And the flat table top surface can be used as a side table, too!

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: (H) 20 1/2in x (W) 20in x (D) 12 1/2in.
Historic Price:
£ 129.95