Moritz Open Fronted Storage Unit

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Designed to help keep contemporary spaces clutter-free, the simply stunning Moritz Open Fronted Storage Unit in Oak and White combines organic wood tones with the precision of Scnadinavian style, making for a uniquely elegant addition to any home. With its striking colour contrast and peerless practicality, you'll love this modern storage cabinet as much as we do.

Created by legendary designer John Stefanidis, this incredible storage and style solution is perfect for all kinds of contemporary interiors, from minimalist spaces to more eclectic retro-future styles. Handcrafted from engineered wood with a thick oak veneer, the interior of the storage unit is lacquered in velvety white. The rear of the cabinet is also veneered, allowing it to be used as a room divider.

Clean lines, unique style, the Moritz Open Fronted Storage Unit in Oak and White has it all.

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