Hendricks Red Velvet 3 Seater Sofa

Brought To You By: Habitat

The Hendricks is a luxury deep 3 seater red velvet sofa that you will not want to get up from. Pure luxury from Absolute Home and Habitat

The glorious Hendricks 3 seater velvet sofa has wonderfully low wide arms that you can rest your head against or balance a drink on.

Luxury cotton and Italian modal is used, to cover the Hendrick's substantial frame and filling which will give you a sumptuous seat.

Just looking at the Hendricks you can see that it oozes a luxury that is very hard to resist.

Product Details:

  • Assembled dimensions: W240 x H76 x D92cm.
  • Seat height: 37cm.
  • Diagonal depth: 107cm.
  • Diagonal height: 250cm.
  • Seat depth: 65cm.
  • Width of seating area between arms: 180cm.
  • Width of armrest: 30cm.
  • Height of armrest: 46cm.
Historic Price:
08 Aug 2018
£ 1700.00