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Bermondsey Sofa in Knebworth Anthracite, Various Sizes

Brought To You By: Sofas and Stuff Limited

This smart piece is a salute to 60s inspired Danish design. Bermondsey's solid oak frame and seamed buttoned back hold themselves highly like any Great Dane.

Put this highly fashionable Bermondsey piece in your pad and it’ll never go out of fashion with you, or visitors.

Available Sizes

  • Large Sofa (W x 215cm)
  • Small Sofa (W x 170cm)
  • Chair (W x 81cm)

Product Details:

  • Handmade with real care and attention by Vietnamese craftspeople at Andy's Danish supplier in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Traditionally made pine and plywood frames, glued and pinned, with our unique lifetime frame guarantee
  • Foam seat cushions achieve a tailored and neat modern look
  • Seat platforms are created with tensioned Pirelli webbing
  • Fixed upholstered backs
  • Solid oak framed seat platforms
Historic Price:
10 Jan 2020
£ 946.00