Curl Sheepskin Beanbag, Large

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Relax, rest and sleep on your own grownup beanbag.

The super stylish, comfy and gorgeous Large Curly Sheepskin Beanbag measures H50cm x W150cm x L150cm. the medium beanbag is an opulent seating solution that will accommodate one adult or 3-4 children in supreme comfort.

The beanbag is made from premium Australian and New Zealand sheepskin which is highly rated for durability and natural comfort. the beanbag features a non-slip base so you can get comfy knowing that you will always have the best view of the television.

Come back from work, curl up and relax in opulent comfort with the Large Curl Sheepskin Beanbag, there really is nothing more relaxing.

Historic Price:
07 Sep 2018
£ 1895.00
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