Bespoke Food & Drink Collection Glass Splashbacks

Brought To You By: DIY Splashbacks

Innovative Food and Drink Themed Bespoke Designer Splashbacks for your home.

Splashbacks can be boring or even non existant in many homes.  The advantage of a good quality splashback is that it protects your walls from cooking sprays and is easy to clean, along with the added bonus of being pleasent to look at.

The Printed Glass Splashbacks, from DIY Splashbacks are MADE to MEASURE and come in many different styles. 

The Splashbacks are printed directly onto 6mm Pilkington Opticlear Glass.  They come either with an adhesive / sealant or ready made screwholes and screws; and can be cut to fit specific extractor hood sizes.

Take a peak today and see how a simple splashback can add extra character to your kitchen.

Product Details:

  • Printed directly onto glass
  • 6mm Pilkington Opticlear glass (low iron)
  • Optional Adhesive / Sealant, Screwholes and Screws
  • 7 year warranty
Historic Price:
£ 40.00