VonShef Food Dehydrator

Brought To You By: VonShef

Enjoy healthy home-made snacks with this outstanding VonShef Food Dehydrator.

If you love tasty fruit snacks, you’ll adore this brilliant food dehydrator. The simple but effective flow-drying system slowly extracts moisture from sliced foods and preserves them at a low heat to produce flavourful treats that make a healthy alternative to salty or fried snacks.

The dehydrator has a five-tier assembly – perfect for preserving different food types – comprising a series of 3.5cm deep drying trays which can be filled with slices of fruit and vegetables or even herbs, bread and fish. The low temperatures (35-70 °C) gently extract the moisture, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and helping to preserve the food.

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06 Dec 2019
£ 31.99