The Amazing, Fiddle Free Samosa Maker

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Like Indian? Love the Samosa Maker.

If you like creating a great curry then you will LOVE the fiddle free, absolutely amazing Samosa Maker by Smart World.

The simple press plate design means that you can create 24 delicious deep filled Samosas with every batch.

Use any choice of pasty, fill with meat, vegetables or for an alternative, spice and fruit. You social get togethers will never be the same again once you experience the convenience and toasted samosa beauties it creates.

Product Details: 

  • Create healthier baked sweet or savoury filled samosas
  • Unique plate design makes up to 24 deep filled samosas
  • Any choice of pastry can be used
  • Perfect for entertaining guests as starters, snacks or sides
  • Non-stick coated baking plates make cooking and cleaning easy and painless
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