Interior Design With The Power of Light

You will be well aware that the clever use of home lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of a room, enclosed space, ornament and even hallway.

Incorporating the right type and style of light in your home will alter a rooms ambiance to suit your mood, current decor or theme.

Here are some interesting tips for you to consider when planning a lighting scheme for your home or garden.

“Let the Light Shine” the cheapest and easiest way to lift a room is to enable natural light to pour through the windows.  Natural light ensures that interior colours are not altered or disturbed by artificial or florescent lights.  It may seem a bit strange but (privacy allowing) sleeping in a room with drawn or partially drawn curtains is, I find a pleasure.  I wake up naturally (sometimes early), but genuinely feel refreshed, and virtually always before my alarm clock shocks me awake (which no one likes).

“Designer lighting solutions add a real touch of style to any room and with the shear variety of lighting solutions on the market you will definitely find one or more that suits you tastes.  Whether you are looking for at table lamp, arc lamp, tripod lamp, Hollywood style lamp.  The choices are endless.

Alfred Cinema Style Tripod Floor Lamp in White

Arche Floor Lamp, Black

Elegant Flos Spun Light F Floor Lamp

Frandsen Dexter Tripod Floor Lamp

Mirror Mirror” You may be surprised, but reflecting light against a mirror can enhance a rooms ambiance by throwing light around a room thereby making it appear larger than it is.  This effect also works well in a narrow hallway or landing; one or two cleverly placed mirrors is all you need to make this work.

What mood are you in?” A new and exciting addition to home lighting is the smart light / mood lightSmart lights are LED lights that change colour depending on how you set them.  Whether you are seeking a relaxing evening atmosphere or something a bit more lively. Mood lighting can be easily programmed from your smart phone to come one when you want, change or switch off when not required.  Because they are LEDs they are super energy efficient making them a great interior design accessory.

Friends of Hue LivingColors Changing LED Mood Light

Regardless of its source, whether natural or artificial, having a well developed lighting solution in your home will pay dividends in the future with your well-being happiness.

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