If You Like VODKA You Will Love These

The fun way to serve VODKA

You can serve VODKA or any other spirit in a number of ways we have searched for quite some time and found some indigenous examples of VODKA and spirit serving helpers that you to can enjoy. Click on titles or images for more details.

VODKA Serving Set and Oak Paddle


An inspired way to serve your favourite tipple, either with a mixer or not.

The serving set comes with twelve shot glasses and large glass ice bucket that nestles neatly on an oak paddle board with ergonomic handle. This item even come with worldwide delivery.

SPARQ Soapstone Whisky Rocks

The cool way to chill your neat or mixed VODKA without diluting it. Made from food-safe, recycled soapstone, the rocks are simply kept in the freezer where you bring them out when needed. The stones have a high density for sustained chilling and have smooth edges so they will not scratch the inside of your glass.

Paddle Grand Vodka Set and Oak Paddle L77cm

Grand Vodka Set and Oak Paddle L77cmThe Paddle Grand Vodka Set and Oak Paddle is the stylish way to serve your guests. The hand-finished oak board has handles for easy serving and comes with 12 shot glasses that nestle snugly into the paddle to prevent any spillages. A perfect entertaining centrepiece at any social gathering.

On the Rocks Glass and Ice Ball Mould


The ideal way to enjoy your favourite spirit or liquor is chilled, however why not go one better with a specially made glass and ice mould that will ensure that you get the very best in aroma, flavour and chill.

The special nodule at the base of the glass works in harmony with the spherical ice cube to ensure that when you do swirl your drink (as we all do) an even cool is permeated throughout the drink. The large spherical ice cube has less of a surface area than 3 or 4 regular ice cubes, meaning that it will not melt as quickly and make your drink watery.

English Pewter Company Stag Mini Decanter & Glass Set

English Pewter Company Stag Mini Decanter & Glass SetThere is no reason why you have to keep your spirit or liquor in the bottle that it came in. Handmade in the UK, the very chic 13.5cm tall pewter and crystal decanter with matching shot glasses are the stylish and sophisticated way to serve yourself and your friends.

Root 7 The Vodka Zinger

Root 7 The Vodka Zinger

An ideal way to entertain your friends on a Friday evening. The Vodka Zinger allows you to infuse VODKA or any other spirit with flavours of your choice. You simply add you chosen fruits, flavours to the base, screw it together, then add your spirit to the top and leave time to infuse. You may want to do this in the morning and let it infuse all day, so when you come back from work your new drink is ready to enjoy.

Sagaform Ice Shot Glass Mould, Set of 4, Clear

Sagaform Ice Shot Glass Mould, Set of 4, ClearSimple easy and stylish. This 4 compartment silicon mould can be filled with still or sparkling water with added accessories such as sugar sprinkles, mint leaves etc.  Simply freeze, release from the mould and pour your favourite tipple inside. A simply beautiful entertaining piece.

Tom Dixon Plum Shot Glasses With Alcohol Measure

Tom Dixon Plum Shot Glasses With Alcohol Measure

A stylish set of four copper plated stainless steel and lacquered shot glasses with matching measure. A modern and stylish way to serve all manor of favored spirits and liquors, a real spirit connoisseur will love.

I hope you liked our find. More will be bought to you over the coming months. To view even more barware please visit out Wine, Spirits and Decanter section.

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