How to Make Your Living Room Exude Serenity.

How nice it would feel if you can come back after a day’s hard work and find your home beckon you with serenity.

Today we are so busy and our life has become so fast paced that we need to make conscious efforts to slow down, relax and enjoy the small things in life.

You home décor can go a long way in making you relax and enjoy those things that make life beautiful for you. Here are a few ideas that would enable you to make your living room exude serenity, help you to unwind and feel refreshed.

Start with the color palette

Colors have a lot to do with how we feel and so choose colors in your living room that are relaxing. Neutral colors like beige, white, light blues and even greens can create a serene effect. Try to limit the use of patterned items; keep things low key and yet elegant. Use rugs in neutral designs and curtains in rich fabric to enhance the relaxing effect.

Cox & Cox – Border Rug, Small / Medium in Soft Stone
John Lewis – Perth Rug in Duck Egg

Flowers and plants can make a room look very relaxing. Keep them at focal points to create your own home décor statement and also to relax and enjoy your solitude.

Let there be light!

Yes, natural lights streaming through windows and curtains does wonders to uplift your mood. However, use curtains and blinds if there is too much light or the view outside is not pleasant. Alternatively, you can put plants on the window sills to create a natural green effect and also a visual treat for the soul.

Create a clutter-free look

Do you know what makes life so overwhelming today? It’s the things we tend to gather and keep around us. There are very few things that we actually need yet we keep on hoarding and that creates stress in our lives. Go on a spring cleaning mission and get rid of all the papers and magazines and dresses you don’t need. Donate them to charity and you will feel good. As you learn to make your house clutter-free you will find yourself getting more relaxed.

Choose furniture in the living room that is functional and not too heavy. Use smaller area rugs instead of a big carpet. Do not clutter the coffee table with artifacts. Keeping a few would help you to achieve your goal.

Put candles in the living room that can be lighted when you watch television or just relax. Candles have a soothing effect on the mind like flowers. If putting real flowers is not possible, choose fake floral arrangements of high quality that would create a natural look.

With these ideas you can create a living room that is softer, calmer and more relaxing.

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