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El Toreador Metal Wall Art

Brought To You By: Selections

The El Toreador metal wall art features a bullfighting matador resplendent in his fancy tunic and locked in a dance-like battle of wills with a powerful turning bull.

The Toreador's red cape is welded on to create a dynamic relief against the surface, suggesting movement as it swings out towards you, while the handsome bull is crafted from bulging sheets of distressed, aptly raw metal incorporating springs and bolts, accentuating the machine-like power of the beast.

This matador metal wall art has been elaborately crafted with welded panels, rusty details and vintage style paint to add to its authenticity, and is presented on an aged, solid metal frame with hanging points.

At 1.5 metres across, it makes for bold and emotive wall decor.

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