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WoodWick Radish & Rhubarb Hearthwick Jar Candle, 80 Hours

Brought To You By: Candles Direct

A small cosy fireplace in a jar with fragrance and up to 80 hours burn time.

The Radish & Rhubarb WoodWick Hearthwick Jar Candle burns with a horizontal flame that will crackle like a small open fire. Soy wax with slow burn soot free flame.

Seeing the amber flame surrounded by beautiful scents will make you smile all evening.

The candle features the following scents:-

  • Red radish
  • Ripe rhubarb

A great gift idea for a birthday or Christmas that the recipient will love.

Product Details:

  • Burn time: Up to 80 hours
  • 16oz
  • High quality soy wax
  • Slow soot free burn
Historic Price:
31 Jan 2019
£ 25.63