Lime & Bay Diffuser From The White Company

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A luxury diffuser that will fill a room and last for months.

If you are looking for a room fragrance that will envelope, rejuvenate and please then the Lime & Bay Scented Diffuser from The White Company is the perfect scent.

The luxury scent has a minimum 3 month life (depending on number of reeds used). It will invoke the pleasures of a tropical garden with all the scents that evokes. The diffuser has hints of.exotic mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime and lemon. The scent is finished off with jasmine buds, lime blossom, ginger and crushed bay leaves.

Soften the scent of any room with the subtle yet powerful Lime & Bay diffuser in a stylish round bottle with metal effect topper.

Product Details:

  • 150ml (lasts approximately 3 months)
  • H9cm x W8cm x L8cm
  • Diffusers sticks 24cm high
  • Rattan reed sticks
  • Glass vessel
Historic Price:
07 Sep 2018
£ 27.00