Guide To Stunning Outdoor Day Beds

Trending high in 2018 are Outdoor Day Beds.  Their popularity has been rising in since 2011 with they UK taking top spot above Australia in number of times day beds are searched for on the internet. (Source: Google Trends)

The rise in households looking for gorgeous garden furniture has come about largely due to different types of quality garden furniture people have seen on the TV and internet.  The sharing of pictures, either your own or from a hotel stay or favourite magazine editorial has opened people up to different garden furniture styles and a requirement to make outdoor living enjoyable and stylish.  These days you can easily bring a slice of that Mediterranean, Caribbean, far East beach feel right into your home with ease.

Warmer and longer Summers has meant that we have become more inclined to spend extended periods of time in the garden with friends and family socializing and relaxing.

Key Features

Unlike regular sun loungers, garden day beds are generally large (suitable for 2, 4 or even 6 people), however there are exceptions particularly where you might have an outdoor chaise lounge.  Day Beds generally do not have adjustable back rests and require cushions for added comfort, just like your normal bed.  Day beds can be covered, like the new pear pods or fully exposed.  Here are just some examples of amazing day beds we have found on the internet.

Eco Loom Double Day Bed

Eco Loom Double Day Bed

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