Pack of Snowman Cutlery Holders - 4 or 8!

Brought To You By: Go Groopie

Store your knives and forks in these cute Snowman Cutlery Holders.
Choose from a pack of four or eight fun holders
Simply place on your Christmas table and place your utensils inside
Adds a fun touch to Christmas dinner that big kids and little kids will love
The reusable decoration can be placed on the tree, filled with sweets.
The jolly design features a snowman character all dressed to fight the cold 

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5.99 pounds instead of 14.99 pounds for a pack of 4 - save 60%
9.99 pounds instead of 18.98 pounds for a pack of 8 - save 47%

Price : £5.99

RRP : £14.99Save : £9

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