Adjustable Silicone Food Covers - 4, 8 or 12

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Look after leftovers longer with these Adjustable Silicone Food Covers
Stretch to fit over containers of all sorts of shapes and size
Reusable too. Economical alternative to cling film or foil
Help make mugs, bowls, dishes and more airtight and odourless
Suitable for use with glass, stoneware, pyrex, metal and more
Dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean with soap and warm water
Each set of four includes one small, two medium and one large lid
Please refer to 'Full Details' for dimensions

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4.99 pounds instead of 24.99 pounds for a Pack of 4 - save 80%
9.99 pounds instead of 49.98 pounds for a Pack of 8 - save 80%
14.99 pounds instead of 374.97 pounds for a Pack of 12 - save 80%

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