Y7 Waterproof IP67 SmartWatch - 2 Colours

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Keep fit and stay healthy with this Y7 Waterproof IP67 SmartWatch 
Choose from 2 colours: black or silver
Supports Android 5.1 or above and IOS 8.0 or above
Keeps a track of step, distance and calorie calculation
Features a sports mode, message push, heart rate monitor, sleep, blood pressure and more.
Sleek bracelet design for both smart and casual wear whilst on the go
Water resistance: IP67 waterproof
Package Includes: 

1 X Smart Wristband
1 X User Manual
1 X Charge Cable

Note: please install the app first before purchase
For product specifications see Full Details
Track your life with top tech with this Y7 Waterproof IP67 SmartWatch for 24.99 pounds

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