Hopi Ear Candles - Pack of 20, 40 or 60

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These Hopi Ear Candles offer pain-free and popular holistic treatment
Designed to clear tension headaches and sinuses, reduce stress and more
Gentle method stimulates ears in a bid to naturally eliminate excess wax
Choose between packs of 20, 40 or 60 candles
Available in white (non-scented) or coloured (mixed aroma) varieties
Re-create the relaxing experience from the comfort of home
Includes protector discs for safe practice

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6.99 pounds instead of 16.45 pounds for pack of 20 candles - save 58%
12.99 pounds instead of 32.90 pounds for pack of 40 candles - save 61%
18.99 pounds instead of 49.35 pounds for pack of 60 candles - save 62%

Price : £6.99

RRP : £16.45Save : £9.46

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