Solar-Powered Gutter Lights - 2, 4 or 6

Brought To You By: Go Groopie

Light up your home with the Solar-Powered Gutter Lights
Available in packs of 2, 4 or 6
Clip-on design: secured with a screw-operated clamp
Can be easily installed onto roofs, gutters or fences outside
Absorbs sunlight to automatically shine bright at night time
No fiddly wiring makes it simple to use
Weather resistant casing ensures it stays sturdy
3 LED lights will shine brightly to light up your home 
A great way to give yourself a good view of your garden at night

Buying Options:

9.99 pounds instead of 29.99 pounds for 2 x gutter lights - save 67%
18.99 pounds instead of 39.98 pounds for 4 x gutter lights - save 53%
28.99 pounds instead of 59.90 pounds for 6 x gutter lights - save 52%

Price : £9.99

RRP : £29.99Save : £20

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