Paintballing For 5, 10 Or 20 People With BBQ Lunch Plus 100 Paintballs Each - 6 UK Venues

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Establish who's top gun with a day's paintballing and a BBQ-style lunch
Suit and boot up and choose from 6 combat venues across the UK
All necessary equipment provided on-site, including overalls, mask and goggles
All venues staffed by friendly, knowledgeable staff, some of whom play semi-professionally
Play for a day with over 10 games to play (15 minutes each)
Battles take place across themed arenas
All attending combatants get a starting 100 paintballs included in the voucher to wage war with
Additional paintballs can be purchased for 8 pounds per 100, 20 pounds for 300, or 30 pounds for 500
The average amount of paintballs you might use is 500-600 paintballs per day, depending on how trigger happy you are.
For full list of 6 venues please see Full Details

Buying Options
All options include BBQ-style lunch, equipment and 100 paintballs per person:

9 pounds for 5 people
10 pounds for 10 people
22 pounds for 20 people

Price : £9.00

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