Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion Razors with Blades - 3 Options

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Get a clean and comfortable shave with Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion Razors with Blades
Choose from 3 razors: Mach 3, Fusion Proglide, or Fusion Proshield
Mach 3 comes with 12 blades, Proglide with 10 and Proshield with 9
Mach 3 razor has 3 high definition blades for glide and comfort
Comfort guard allows for a closer shave but with less irritation
Both Fusion razors feature flexball technology that allows it to contour to your face
Also have a precision trimmer on the back for tricky areas like nose and sideburns
Proshield has fine blades for less tug and pull, with a lubrication strip to shield irritation
Proglide has 5 anti-friction blades for a precision shave that you'll barely feel
Get up to 12 months shaving with these Gilette multipacks - 1 blade equals 1 month

Buying Options:

24.99 pounds instead of 38.99 pounds for Mach 3 Razor - save 36%
29.99 pounds instead of 42.99 pounds for Fusion Proglide Razor - save 30%
34.99 pounds instead of 50.99 pounds for Fusion Proshield Razor - save 31%


Price : £24.99

RRP : £38.99Save : £14

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