Royal Blue Princess Dress - 5 Sizes

Brought To You By: Go Groopie

Let your little one enjoy dancing around in the Royal Blue Princess Dress
Available in 5 sizes to suit ages 3-9
Made from 100% polyester
Hand wash only - do not use bleach
Perfect for birthday parties, special occasions etc
Save 80% on the Royal Blue Princess Dress for 14 pounds instead of 69.99 pounds


Age 3-4 H100cm (dress length: 74cm)
Age 4-5 H110cm (dress length: 77cm)
Age 6-7 H120cm (dress length: 83cm)
Age 7-8 H140cm (dress length: 86cm) 
Age 8-9 H150cm (dress length: 89cm)

Price : £14.00

RRP : £69.99Save : £55.99

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