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Wraps Classic Wristband Headpones, Green

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Forget rummaging for your headphones, Simply wrap them round your wrist.

The Wraps Headphones in Green are a fanatic travel accessory for anyone that likes to listen to music or watch films on your mobile phone. How often do you end up rummaging at the bottom of your bag to pull out your headphones, only to find that they have wrapped themselves around something else.

The Wraps are a cool funky set of headphones that simply wrap easily around your wrist and can be unwrapped and re-wrapped when not in use. A perfect gift idea for the regular traveller, gym goer or as a treat for yourself.

 Product Details

  • Braided Green fabric without microphone.
  • 10mm Driver.
  • Aluminium Housing.
  • Angled 3.5mm plug.
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£ 19.99
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