Eco Loom Apple Day Bed

Brought To You By: The Garden Furniture Centre Ltd

Lye Back and Relax this Summer with the Striking Eco Loom Apple Day Bed.

There’s plenty of space inside for two to four people this novelty piece of furniture is extremely popular, particularly on our Trade Stands throughout the year.

The kids could even have a sleep over in it – not sure how much sleep they’d get though!

The apple rotates 360 degrees on a sturdy aluminium frame covered in rattan weave. This allows you to follow the sun wherever it is in the sky.

There is also a rotating panel around the top half of the day bed allowing you to be completely enclosed when inside.

The base-cushions are six inches deep for added comfort. They’re fitted in four triangular pieces that sit together to line the circular cross-section of the moveable body.

All cushions are fully dry-cleanable and comply with UK Fire Retardant regulations.

Product Details:

  • Height: 208cm
  • Diameter: 174c
Historic Price:
08 Aug 2018
£ 2499.99