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Garden, Leaf Blower Vacuum

Brought To You By: Waitrose Garden

A powerful garden blower vac with three useful functions: blowing, vacuuming and shredding.

As material travels up the pipe an impeller blade reduces the waste 10:1 so you won't have to keep emptying the bag.

Product Details:

  • It also features a long 10 metre cable for reaching awkward spots
  • 3 functions: blows, vacuums & shreds
  • Powerful 3000 watt motor
  • Telescopic nozzle
  • Leaf shredding ratio: 10:1
  • Collection bag capacity: 40 litre
  • Shoulder strap & fitted wheel support;
  • Cable length: Long 10 metres;
  • Two wheel supports so you can take the strain off your back;
  • Weight – 4.5kg; 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
Latest Price:
£ 59.99