Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Brought To You By: Etsy UK

Add extra atmosphere to your next social gathering with this unique table top fireplace.

Made from wood and glass, this lovely tabletop decoration can be augmented with small rocks and sand to give you a real centerpiece to any intimate gathering. 

This kit is made up of a few parts. The base is a natural birch that can be stained or painted. If you plan on leaving the fireplace outdoors, a finish can be applied. 4 pieces of heavy beveled glass make up the top. The base comes as 11 pieces that snap together easily without glue or special hardware in minutes.

The rocks and sand are nor provided but are easy to find. Just add your own small 2.6oz can of gel fuel to complete the package.

Historic Price:
08 Aug 2018
£ 34.00